Manage Vehicles

Discover how easy vehicle and equipment management is for private and commercial users. All costs associated to the day-to-day running of your vehicles can be quickly recorded in individual vehicle or equipment records and can be accessed anytime, anywhere


  • Specific Vehicle Information
  • Service Tracking
  • Repairs and Repair Requests
  • Accidents
  • Parts and Accessories
  • Fuel Management
  • Tyre and Brake Management
  • Worksite Permits
  • Vehicle Registration (Australia)
  • MOT (UK)
  • Road Tax (UK)
  • Vehicle and Equipment Location
  • Axle Configuration
  • Vehicle and Equipment Statistics
  • Vehicle and Equipment Costs

Manage Employees

From hire to retire, you can securely capture and manage your driver's details. This business tool centralises multiple types of business data in one user friendly application.


  • General Employee Information
  • Drivers Licence
  • Training and Certifications
  • Current Location
  • Employee Statistics
  • Employee Costs
  • Fit to Work Medicals
  • Uniforms and Equipment

Manage Service Providers

Easily add all your service providers contact details to individual service provider records. Regular providers of service to your organisation can have their insurance details added to their record and also marked as preferred supplier.


Attach Documents and Files

For drivers you can attach photo images, copies of licences, trade certificates, incident reports, written warnings, etc. For vehicles it could be an image of the vehicle or equipment, warranties, receipts, permits, accident reports, etc. In the company folder you can attach policies, procedures, risk assessments, work methods, etc.


Manage Your Tasks

Whether you are a small, medium or large size company, you can manage all Vehicle, Employee, Safety and Service Provider tasks. The time consuming days of monitoring and tracking tasks through spread sheets will now be a distant memory. Automated reminders will be shared between all team members to ensure a task is never missed and potential costs incurred.



Permissions can be managed on a user by user basis so you can be rest assured knowing your confidential business information is safe. Users can be restricted to create, edit, delete or view.


  • Create new User Accounts
  • Lock out User Accounts
  • Add Branch
  • User Permissions
  • Read, Write, Edit and Delete

Manage Security

Security at TigerFleet is our top priority, that's why all of your business data is encrypted and securely stored in the Microsoft's Azure cloud.



Accreditation schemes such as Australian schemes Trucksafe & the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (N.H.V.A.S.) require their member companies to comply with strict requirements for vehicle maintenance, driver medical screenings & training as described in their Standards. Companies must not only be compliant but be able to prove compliance at regular audits.

TigerFleet gives the user all the proof of compliance needed through service, repair & fault report histories, tyre histories, registration currencies, licence currency & driver training & medical histories. All can have copies of proof such as invoices, service sheets, licence photo I.D. etc, attached to individual records.

The audit function captures detail of previous audits done, any non-compliances found & actions taken to fix. Audit reports can be attached & email alerts go to nominated person/s when next audit is due.

A compliance report is automatically generated for number of accredited vehicles or trailers, services done or missed, fault reports closed or open & medicals attended or missed.